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Main category: Religious demographics. Islam Irreligion Hinduism Buddhism 6. Folk religions 5. Other religions 0.

Connecting with the Divine

Further information: Religions by country. Further information: Growth of religion. Religion portal. See also: Category:Religion by country. The Invention of World Religions. Chicago University of Chicago Press. Brotherton, J. Roberts and A. University of Chicago Press. Religious studies The History Teacher Retrieved 8 November Westminster John Knox Press. The Huffington Post. World Religions.

  • The Parliament of the World’s Religions: and ;
  • These are all the world's major religions in one map.
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Archived from the original PDF on 20 October Retrieved 24 November Pew Forum report. International Journal of Religious Freedom. Retrieved 25 April Religious Intelligence. Archived from the original on 13 October Retrieved 4 July What Are Vietnam's Indigenous Religions?

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Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. World Christian Encyclopedia.

William Carey Library. Archived from the original PDF on 28 February Foreign Policy. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It is not religion but fear that is the greatest source of irrational violence in the world today. Fear is easily manipulated, and we are being manipulated. We are all pilgrims on the journey. How to overcome it?

Elder Nelson Speaks at Gathering of World’s Religions

Appreciative inquiry. Start with common, everyday things, but converse. People can share with one another over a shared meal. Young people can get to know one another in interfaith camps. People can learn more about one another by setting up an interfaith library. We will follow that up with a service project. How do different interfaith organizations work with one another? We have community service projects, and a National Day of Prayer, visiting different places of worship, giving people a chance to learn about other religions with a Question and Answer opportunity.

6 Belief Types Used in the World's Religions

Sara Raheim, a Muslim American and co-chair of Next Generation task force, shared how some of her family and friends were afraid that her interfaith work would water her own faith down. There were numerous workshops, panel discussions, and a Climate Action Assembly addressing current environmental concerns.

The Climate Action Task Force of the Parliament is working to strengthen the growing global faith-based climate movement, bringing people of many traditions together in common commitment and effective action. A shining example of this is the work of a Tibetan Buddhist leader, His Holiness Karmapa, who has created an eco-monastic movement across the Himalayan region which now has 55 monasteries devoted to ecology. May we work together hand-in-hand for the sake of all living beings, not just humans. We need to support an integral ecology. In the Sikh religion, the equality of all people is emphasized.

In the closing plenary, Larry Greenfield, the Executive Director of the Parliament, cited several responsibilities of the religions of the world:. They must resist the building of walls at their borders, the killing of animals and deforestation. We cannot keep truth, justice and compassion out of politics. In the absence of justice it is difficult to have a peaceful life.


Pledge today to bring godly values into public life. There is only one race: the human race. There is much in common in our different faiths. We are failing to recognize that we are passing on the earth to future generations. Sustainability has to be built into every decision that we make. We must assert both faith and science. Religion, tragically, has given rise to as much hate as it has given to love.

We have to challenge those who would make of our religion an instrument of destruction. We have work to do. There is an agenda that requires change and action. We commit ourselves to this global ethic, to understanding one another, to acting in compassion for one another. As you go back into your own communities, look for the role you can play to help create a world that is just, peaceful, and sustainable for all.

Worlds Religions Worlds Religions
Worlds Religions Worlds Religions
Worlds Religions Worlds Religions
Worlds Religions Worlds Religions
Worlds Religions Worlds Religions
Worlds Religions Worlds Religions

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