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Option Contract Specifications

The Labour Party's plan? Another round is scheduled for Monday. Things stay as they are are. The U. Free movement continues, as does membership of the customs union and single market. Otherwise known as the Norway plus option, this proposal has the support of soft Brexiteers on the Tory and Labour benches, notably Conservative Nick Boles. It would mean that the U.

Freedom of movement between the U. There's little reason to believe the EU would object to this plan, given it has similar arrangements with other countries — but it would require the Northern Ireland backstop to be in place. There is not much difference in substance with the Common Market 2. The Labour leadership says it would seek to negotiate a say over EU trade deals, but as non-members of the bloc it is highly doubtful that Brussels would agree to that. As with Common Market 2. Freedom of movement would be unchanged, and the U.

The proposal would also "seek agreement on new protocols relating to the Northern Ireland border and agri-food trade. Like the Common Market 2.

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Britain leave the single market and is thus no longer subject to freedom of movement. But it would negotiate "a permanent and comprehensive U.

It fell just six votes short of a majority in indicative votes on Wednesday. Michel Barnier has said the EU would be open to negotiating a customs union with the U.

Under May's deal, the U. It also plans to "build and improve on the single customs territory provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement. This plan is put forward by hard Brexiteers who want to avoid the Northern Ireland backstop required by the Withdrawal Agreement. To the EU this will sound suspiciously like an attempt at having a transition period without a Withdrawal Agreement. Brussels has also said it will not countenance a deal without the backstop.

Freedom of movement would come to an end. Tariffs and controls would be required between the U.


How to Trade Stock Options - Basics of Call & Put Options Explained

To test our our expert policy coverage of the implications and next steps per industry, email pro politico. The original article correctly stated the figures as announced immediately after the vote, but Commons speaker John Bercow subsequently corrected the parliamentary record. Log in to access content and manage your profile.

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(At least the four most important ones)

Investors can use options conservatively to hedge against losses, or aggressively, to speculate on future stock price movements. Some employers provide stock options as part of a compensation package. A call option gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or "call" stock away from another investor. The option you buy tells you which stock you can buy and what you have to pay for it, along with when that right expires. Each option entitles you to buy shares, and every stock option expires on the third Saturday of the indicated month.

The actual act of buying the stock is known as exercising the option. A put option is essentially the opposite of a call option. A put option gives you the right to sell or "put" a stock to an investor at a certain price.

Options Trading Basics Explained

Since you are selling stock when you exercise a put option, you need to own the stock at the time of exercise. If you don't have the stock, you must buy it in the open market. When you buy or sell an option, your transaction is considered either "covered" or "uncovered. This is a conservative option strategy.

Key Vanilla Options Terminology

Selling an uncovered call, on the other hand, subjects you to a potentially huge loss if the market rallies against you. If your employer provides you with stock options as part of a compensation package, those options are usually private options that cannot be traded on an exchange. These types of options function as call options that can only be used to purchase employer stock by a certain date.

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The taxation of your options may vary depending on the type your employer grants you. Options are leveraged investments, meaning they can move dramatically up or down in value.

Options Explained Options Explained
Options Explained Options Explained
Options Explained Options Explained
Options Explained Options Explained
Options Explained Options Explained
Options Explained Options Explained
Options Explained Options Explained

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