Mind in Buddhist Psychology

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It perpetually influences our actions and behaviors in the present and is referred to as ignorance in Buddhism. Because of the karmic influence of this ignorance, we go through the cycle of birth and death.

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When the unwholesome seeds from the past mature, we become afflicted and are tempted to commit unwholesome deeds, which in turn plant new unwholesome seeds for the future. When the wholesome seeds from the past mature, our hearts are pure and noble, our minds are clear and intelligent, and we again perform wholesome deeds that become new wholesome seeds in the alaya consciousness.

Buddhist Psychology: Classical Texts in Contemporary Perspective

Due to the influence of ignorance we carry with us from the past, we are prone to making judgments that result in negative feelings. Reinforced by greed and anger, our minds become confused and form incorrect views about things in the world. However, just as plants require sunshine and rain to blossom and bear fruit, similar conditions are required for the development of human behavior.

Although feelings of love, hatred, and positive or negative intentions lie deep in the subconscious of all humans, when these feelings are provoked by the people or things that surround us, we must rely on our true mind and wisdom to avoid committing negative deeds and conduct ourselves virtuously instead.

The development of our true mind and its wisdom relies on the diligent practice of upholding the precepts, developing concentration, and increasing awareness and insight.


Course Buddhist Psychology

The wisdom emitted from the true mind is the therapy or treatment that humans can use to resolve internal conflicts within their minds, to transcend suffering in this lifetime, and to break free from the cycle of birth and death in future lives. Five basic psychological functions: mental and physical contact, attention, feeling, identification, and analysis.

Five deliberately created mental conditions: aspiration, comprehension, memory, concentration, and wisdom. Eleven wholesome psychological states: trust, diligence, humility, remorse, no greed, no hatred, no ignorance, tranquility, attentiveness, equanimity, and harmlessness. Six root afflictions: greed, hatred, ignorance, arrogance, doubt, and incorrect views.

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Twenty unwholesome psychological states: anger, hostility, irritation, conceit, deceit, flattery, arrogance, malice, jealousy, stinginess, remorselessness, no regret, no trust, laziness, insensitivity, apathy, agitation, forgetfulness, incorrect perception, and heedlessness. Four neutral states of mind: remorse, sleepiness, applied thought, and sustained thought.

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Mind in Buddhist Psychology

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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior. Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology.

Mind in Buddhist Psychology Mind in Buddhist Psychology
Mind in Buddhist Psychology Mind in Buddhist Psychology
Mind in Buddhist Psychology Mind in Buddhist Psychology
Mind in Buddhist Psychology Mind in Buddhist Psychology
Mind in Buddhist Psychology Mind in Buddhist Psychology
Mind in Buddhist Psychology Mind in Buddhist Psychology

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