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After a year pursuit, scientists have identified a rare genetic mutation that allows some people to thrive on significantly less sleep than average without feeling rundown. By Jessica Koehler Ph. Thinking about the diagnosis of a psychological disorder as a dichotomy—that is, the presence or absence of disorder—seems logical.

But is it accurate? Discovering you have a different parent than you were raised to believe is traumatizing—to you and to your family at large. There is help out there.

What is a gene?

By Sara Gorman, Ph. Confused by recent headlines proclaiming that the fields of psychology and psychiatry are in serious trouble? Some perspective may help. Epigenetics is the interface between nature and nurture.

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Childhood trauma can provoke epigenetic changes with serious long-term consequences. As parents, we feel like we've given up our power in the face of cultural forces, but we must take it back on social media. The science supports us.

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By Robert A. Lavine Ph. From milder traits to more pronounced disorders, some degree of anxiety and narcissism may be widespread. A large study of twins examines these and other psychological problems.

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By Gregg R. Murray Ph. But we know our behavior is the result of both. Just ask George Amato.

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Science Scoop What's the human genome project and what does it mean to you? The Quest for the Perfect Tomato Find out how scientists are using genetics to change the food you eat. Wear a Chimp on Your Wrist How can you wear a chimp on your wrist—without getting primate elbow? How much do you know about what makes you you?

Welcome at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics

What's the Big Idea About Genetics? Take a look at the science of where it ALL begins. There are no Genetics. The Human Genome Project. Genetic Testing. Genomes and Disease. Types of Genetic Disease. Chromosomes and Disease. Intro to Microbial Genetics. The Important X Chromosome. Intro to Biotechnology: Techniques and Applications. Gene Inheritance and Transmission. Gene Expression and Regulation. Nucleic Acid Structure and Function.

Chromosomes and Cytogenetics. Evolutionary Genetics. Population and Quantitative Genetics.

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Ancient theories of pangenesis and blood in heredity

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