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For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. You might think that in comparison to what we have today, the text-based Web was extremely limiting. Video, not even inline GIFs or JPEGs to make the site visually interesting, and no ready means of using color, except whatever your monochrome monitor used for display. But from a historical standpoint, a text-only en- vironment was far more accessible than most of the sites we have today.

Early text-based sites were easier for screen reader technology to interpret for blind users, because screen readers were simply reading directly from the text, with no browser GUI causing a barrier. There were no images to deal with and no complex table layouts to confound and frustrate.

For the mobility impaired, there were no fly-out menus or drop-down toggles to contend with.

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When the transition to a GUI-based environment via visual Web browsers occurred, many disabled people who were using Internet-related services, such as e-mail, Gopher, and the World Wide Web, were suddenly left out in the cold. For several years, Internet resources such as Gopher had been a source of empow- erment for many disabled, and suddenly that empowerment was gone because the GUI Web browser was so effective that it became the application of choice for accessing other Internet services via the Web, too.

To this day, screen reader technology is several steps behind, but advances have been made. With the implementation of accessibility features in operating systems and Web browsers, many barriers are finally coming down. Fortunately, we now have enough awareness and techniques to begin seriously addressing these issues in our design and development tasks.

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While you can have a standardized site and still not meet accessibility guidelines, following standards, especially in terms of creating structured, valid markup, and removing presentational elements and attributes from a document, makes that document inherently more accessible. Best practices in document authoring means writing conforming documents that are also accessible. These practices are interdependent, even if they have exclusive features.

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and many European countries have implementations of accessibility legislation and guidelines. In the United States, accessibility laws emerged as legislation with the Rehabilita- tion Act in Section of this act requires that all U. Other institutions in the United States, while not necessarily required to create ac- cessible Web sites, are beginning to implement policies. Many state governments, universities and community colleges, and other public institutions are reviewing policies and creating accessibility guidelines for their Web sites.

The full text of the ADA can be found at www.

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Read the Workforce Investment Act at www. Section Web site at www. Similar laws and guidelines exist worldwide and, in some cases, are far more aggressive than U. For example, Portugal incidentally the first European nation to institute a formal policy on Web accessibility mandates accessibility for all Web sites. The W3C tracks and manages international implementations of Web accessibility.

The WAI home page www. Whether you sustain a bad injury from a snowboarding accident, find yourself battling a long-term illness, or suffer side effects of old age, none of us get a free pass when it comes to physical vulnerabilities. Making Web sites accessible is important because the Web should be available for all people. Creating accessible sites makes for a better Web that can enrich and empower us all. Q: Pick four books from the more than 30 you have written and share five tips from each book.

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Why should our readers study this book? What differentiates it from other books? The tag reference in the book that Porter wrote is worth the price of the book alone. A: As mentioned, I always knew I would write. Once I took that first invitation, it became pathological. Could you imagine having to listen to me go on and on in person? So book writing and public speaking and training are good, focused, healthy outlets for my overly verbose self. Q: Provide your viewpoints on the major technologies today and where you see them in the future.

How is it different? Q: What are the ten most compelling issues facing technology professionals today and in the future? How can they be resolved? A: 1 Adhering to web standards. The real barrier still remains in the hands of browser developers. We need to get back to that vision.

Please stop being so sloppy and start respecting your customers. Consider the outsourcing issue. In some cases, it might in fact be more economical in the short term, but are the results as good? Quality comes with a price, period. This means figuring out methods of managing growing web sites with thousands, even millions of documents. Q: What do you consider to be the most important trends to watch, and please provide some recommendations?

A: 1 Blogging in general. Because when it blew, it blew up some really good stuff along with the nonsense. The dot. A: I fell in love with the Web, its denizens, its technologies, and its vision. Q: If you were doing this interview, what five questions would you ask of someone in your position and what would be your answers?

A: Q1: What does it feel like to have so much attention placed on your work? I believe there will come a day I walk away from computers and communications technologies, buy some land in a remote area, grow my own food, build my own shelter, and spend my time reading, making music, and writing about completely different topics.

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Q3: You are very outspoken and open on your weblog. Has this ever caused you any problems? A3: Yes, I was the victim of a physical attack based on things someone read on my weblog. I have also had a few stalker types as a result. Neither of these things will stop me from living my life and expressing it authentically.

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250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets
250 HTML and Web Design Secrets 250 HTML and Web Design Secrets

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